Asbestos Survey

Asbestos refers to a set of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals: chrysotile, crocidolite,amosite, anthophyllite, tremolite, and actinolite. Among these, chrysotile and amositeasbestos are most common. Asbestos was in use in residential and commercial constructiona decade ago, since then it has been controlled/abolished as it’s a hazardous substance and is detrimental to human health. 
It can be found in floor tiles, ceilingtiles, roof shingles and flashing, siding, insulation, cladding etc. It is hazardous when it isfriable i.e. when crumbled, releasing fibers into the air. Asbestos-containing ceiling tiles, floor tiles, undamaged laboratorycabinet tops, shingles, fire doors, siding shingles, etc. will not release Asbestos fibers unlessthey are disturbed or damaged in some way. If an Asbestos ceiling tile is drilled or broken itwill release fibers into the air.

The most common way for asbestos fibers to enter the body is through breathing. In fact, Asbestos containing material is not generally considered to be harmful unless it is releasing dust or fibers into the air where they can be inhaled or ingested. Many of the fibers will become trapped in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat where they can then be removed, but some may pass deep into the lungs, or, if swallowed, into the digestive tract. Once they are trapped in the body, the fibers can cause health problems.

Demolition of the asbestos containing materials will increase its friability and release thefibers into the air and thereby affect the people who inhale it. So, prior to decommissioningof any building which is suspected of having Asbestos containing material it should be surveyed to identify asbestos and then contain them during the demolition. Specialist environmental Consultants like GE3S are then hired to conduct a survey for identification of the presence of any Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in the building.

Asbestos containing materials if found in the building during demolition,proper precautionary measures such as engaging trained workers who are familiar in handling safe removal of asbestos containing materials with proper personal protective equipment andthe ACM containing wastes have to be disposed in accordance with the Guidelines for Safetyin Handling Asbestos (DM-PH&SD-P4-TG24), Public Health & Safety Department, DubaiMunicipality or any applicable guideline provided by the environment agency or municipality of the area.

We at GE3S, specialize in conducting Asbestos Surveys and have previously done many projects in this field such as conducting the survey for a Beach Resort that was set to be demolished in the UAE.

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