As LEED consultant, GE3S provides services to identify and integrate feasible sustainable design solutions into projects to optimize overall energy and environmental performance. We, at GE3S, offer breadth and depth of expertise and experience, the ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders and project team members, and energy and daylighting analysis capabilities. We promote an integrated sustainable design process beginning with a sustainable design charrette. By bringing all stakeholders and team members into the planning and design process early, we are able to make sure the effective integration of sustainable design principles and strategies into all aspects of the project. We also have a training wing called GE3S Academy wherein we provide training on LEED Green Associate exam preparation. Our LEED Green Associate Training program is a weekend course spanning through 2-3 weekends.
We provide a wide range sustainable building services including LEED consultancy to ca…

What does sustainability reporting entail and how it helps businesses grow?

In the 21st century, it is not enough to just say that our organization is sustainable and we are doing a lot for the environment and society. It does not work anymore, Increasingly all businesses and corporates are being asked to establish and demonstrate the sustainability strategy of their company as well as performances through credible and tangible evidence including performance data. There could be different ways to demonstrate companies sustainability commitment and the practices, however, the most common way is to demonstrate the same through publishing the sustainability report. Companies are seeking services of sustainability reporting consultant to prepare their sustainability reports, GE3S has been assisting several of its clients in preparing sustainability reports for years now. Do we need to follow a guideline or a prescribed pathway to prepare a sustainability report? Not at all, however, there are several guidelines and standards that have been developed to assist co…

What is a sustainability report and why is it important for companies to report?

Sustainability report is published by companies mostly on an annual basis and includes disclosures related to the company’s performance on the environmental, social and economic performance. Most of the companies to prepare an annual financial report however many of them do not measure, monitor or publish information on their environmental and social impact. In the modern world, the multinational companies have expanded across several countries and continents, they are manufacturing their products on one corner of the globe and selling them at the other. There are several issues that companies have started looking into, which include their direct impact of manufacturing and selling goods to community well-being, human rights and child abuse issues in their supply chain. Several companies have recognized that increasingly sustainability factors are taking center stage for consumers and sustainable operations and branding could definitely affect their growth plans positively. GE3S is a…

Get your building LEED Certified!

LEED is the most widely known and widely used green building certification system in the world. If a building is LEED certified through a LEED consultant, the building or the project gets instant recognition at national and international level. Apart from recognition through LEED certification, there are some additional advantages. A LEED certified building can get faster lease up rates and a higher than normal resale value in the market. Along with these commercial benefits, there are other advantages. The indoor environmental quality, which is a crucial aspect for the occupants of the building, is also affected by LEED certification. This includes various aspects like Tobacco smoke control, CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity, etc., which are necessary for a healthy and productive work environment. A thermal comfort survey form is circulated among the occupants of the building, who fill up the form, and this form enables us to identify some parameters of the indoor environmen…

Get to know LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Basics.

The stepping stone towards LEED Green Associate certification is getting acquainted with the LEED’S Green Associate Study Guide. The guide has been published by U.S. Green Building Council, Inc. (USGBC). The study guide is an important and valuable resource that helps a professional to prepare and get ready for the LEED Green Associate Examination. The guide encapsulates the key points of sustainable design, construction, as well as operation. To make it easy learning experience the guide generally comes with the Green Building and LEED Core Concepts Guidance document. This is one of the key documents one must refer to while preparing for the LEED Green Associate Examination. Each category of the guide provides plethora of study tools, category reviews, several sample questions, and worksheets. Once you have made up your mind that the LEED Green Associate is the right professional credential t for you, then you seemingly understand that by achieving this professional credential you wi…

Get a LEED Accredited Professional credential now!

Have you heard of LEED? The worlds most renowned green building certification system? This blog would provide you more information on the LEED certification process and how to become a LEED Green Associate.
LEED Green Associate is the most sought after professional credential in the field to sustainable design. People have questions on how will LEED Green associate / LEED GA help in their career growth. The answer is simple, people with LEED professional credential are in demand in the construction industry so will help you lad your first job or even better can help you grow in your existing job. You will be recognized as someone who is well versed with the latest advancements in designing and construction sustainable buildings. LEED Green Associate credential can help you in advance your carrier in the real estate and construction sectors. GE3S Academy is a leading LEED Green Associate training provider in the United Arab Emirates. For further information please visit our website htt…

GE3S is well-known Sustainability Reporting Consultant in the Middle East

In order to have effective cycle of sustainability reporting, organizations should include a continuous data collection system along with analysis and taking stakeholder feedback. There are several benefits of Sustainability Reporting for an organization. An organization can have enhanced understanding of the risks and opportunities it faces in its business and operation. Sustainability Reporting can also help in emphasizing the relationship between the economic performance and social/environmental performance of that organization. Continuous annual reporting also has influence on the long term strategy and policy of the company and also on the business plans that it has for the future. Disclosing non-financial performance also helps to streamline different process within the company and also helps in identifying areas to reduce the costs and improve production or operation efficiency of the system. Through Sustainability Reporting companies can also benchmark their performance with …