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Ge3s provides sustainability consultancy services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Welcome to GE3S. We offer Sustainability Consultancy Dubai Abu Dhabi. Sustainability is important for everyone – it can provide great opportunities as well as potential risks in the short, medium and long-term. Key sustainability drivers in the region, for both businesses and individuals, include energy efficiency, compliance with regulatory and corporate social responsibility policies relating to the environment, efficient waste management and disposal (including recycling), the sourcing and use of water, the food supply chain and air, water and ground emissions. The importance of these drivers on a large scale can be seen in the recent Arab Spring, which many analysts stated was partially driven by the scarcity of resources and their rising cost. On a smaller scale, such factors affect the everyday bottom line of businesses and the social and economic well-being of individuals.
GE3S is a leading service provider of Sustainability Consultancy Dubai Abu Dhabi. The aims of Sustainabilit…

Waste Management Consultant

GE3S is a
specialized Waste Management Consultant.Our expertise covers municipal solid
waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste, healthcare waste, construction and
demolition waste, contaminated soils and sludge.


sustainability strategy, monitoring and reporting on sustainability
performance is a vital step to achieving a smart, sustainable and inclusive
growth that combines long-term profitability with social justice and
environmental care. Transparency to a wide stakeholder group creates an
impetus for improving performance and sustainability reporting practice,
enabling companies to measure, monitor and manage their impact on society and
the economy, and help contribute to a sustainable future. GE3S is a well
knownSustainability reporting consultant. We help companies develop
sustainability report in accordance with GRI guidelines. If you are looking
for a experienced sustainability reporting consultant, look no further than
GE3S. Sustainability consultancy Dubai Abu dhabi

Ge3s plays a vital role in reducing and managing energy consumption.

GE3S specializes in Energy Management Consultancy Dubai Abu Dhabi. Energy management is the art and science of optimum use of energy to maximize profits (minimize costs) and thereby improve the economic competitiveness. The energy should be used efficiently, economically and optimally.Energy management can be defined as the science involving planning, directing, controlling the supply and consumption of energy to maximize productivity and comforts and minimize the energy costs and pollution with conscious, judicious and effective use of energy.
Energy management helps in reducing and managing energy consumption saves money, and at the same time helps in checking climate change and strengthen corporate reputation. Our main aim of providing an energy management system is to maintain optimum energy utilization throughout the organization. This helps in lowering energy costs and mitigating the effects on the environment.The energy management involves strategy, policy, organizational change…

Ge3s Provide expert advise to save Energy and save cost

GE3S is a renowned Energy Auditor in Dubai. GE3S helps in energy cost optimization, pollution control, safety aspects and suggests the methods to improve the operating and maintenance practices of the system. It is instrumental in coping with the situation of variation in energy cost availability, the reliability of energy supply, the decision on appropriate energy mix, the decision on using improved energy conservation equipment, instrumentation and technology. There are two types of Energy Audit:- 1.Preliminary audit 2.Detailed Audit
Preliminary Audit: The preliminary audit is carried out in the limited time and it highlights the energy cost and wastages in the major equipment and processes. It also gives the major energy supplies and demanding an accounting. The questionnaire containing the industrial details of energy consumption process carried out, energy need to the unit product; load data etc. must be completed before the pre-audit visit. The pre-audit visit is done, by the audit t…

Ge3s is a leading Waste Management advisory firm in UAE

GE3S is a specialized Waste Management Consultantin UAE. It involves the collection, removal, processing, and disposal of materials considered as waste. Waste materials can be solid, gaseous, liquid, or even hazardous and are generally generated through human activity. Historically, developed nations have dealt with their waste by sending it to landfills or burning it in incinerators. Both of these options come with some significant environmental problems. Leachatewhich is the liquid that passes through landfills’ garbage, absorbing poisons and other harmful substances that negatively impact underground waterways and freshwater systemsWindcan scatter trash from a landfill into local ecosystems and waterways, creating hazards for wildlife and people, as well as visual pollution of local environmentsAs organic waste rots, it creates methane gas, a greenhouse gasthat is 20+ times more potent in terms of climate change than carbon dioxideIncinerationboth in …