Ge3s Provide expert advise to save Energy and save cost

GE3S is a renowned Energy Auditor in Dubai. GE3S helps in energy cost optimization, pollution control, safety aspects and suggests the methods to improve the operating and maintenance practices of the system. It is instrumental in coping with the situation of variation in energy cost availability, the reliability of energy supply, the decision on appropriate energy mix, the decision on using improved energy conservation equipment, instrumentation and technology.
There are two types of Energy Audit:-
1.    Preliminary audit
2.    Detailed Audit

Preliminary Audit:
The preliminary audit is carried out in the limited time and it highlights the energy cost and wastages in the major equipment and processes. It also gives the major energy supplies and demanding an accounting. The questionnaire containing the industrial details of energy consumption process carried out, energy need to the unit product; load data etc. must be completed before the pre-audit visit.
The pre-audit visit is done, by the audit team/audit consultant, in the plant area with the attention focused on the energy inputs, spots of wastage and available energy conservation opportunities. The items for waste recycling opportunities are identified. The data regarding energy inputs and outputs are collected for use during the preliminary audit.
During the visit, discussions with line supervisors and line technicians and joint brain­storming may be necessary to acquire creative ideas and to know the practical difficulties in carrying out the proposed energy conservation measures (ECM).
After the pre-audit visit, the work of energy audit is undertaken. In the preliminary audit, low tech recommendations are preferred. High tech solutions are given under detailed energy audit. Some of the low-cost recommendations may be: Switching off lights when not required, replace incandescent lamps by the fluorescent lamps, automatic thermostat control, use of solar water heating panels etc.
The preliminary audit spots energy waste spots and recommends short, intermediate and long-term solutions. It should adopt step by step and cautious approach for improvements and new techniques of energy management and control system.
Energy Auditor in Dubai
Energy Auditor in Dubai

2. Detailed (Comprehensive) Energy Audit:
A detailed energy audit, also known as com­prehensive energy audit includes engineering recommendations and well-defined projects with priorities. It accounts for the total energy utilized in plants. It involves detailed engineering for options to reduce energy consumption and also reduce cost. The duration of such studies is generally from 1 to 10 weeks. The action plan is divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term actions.
The short-term action plan requires no capital investment or least investment to avoid energy wastages and minimizing non-essential energy uses and improving the system efficiency through improved maintenance program.
The medium-term action plan requires a little investment to achieve efficiency improve­ment through modifications of existing equipment and other operations.
The long-term action plan is aimed to achieve economy through latest energy saving tech­niques and innovations. The capital investments are required to be studied thoroughly while finalizing the long-term action-plan.
The comprehensive (detailed) energy audit is a thorough and extensive energy audit that analyses and quantifies the amount of energy consumption in each subsystem of the plant and compares the same with the target energy consumption. Target per unit energy consumption is the optimum energy consumption per unit product.


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