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Choose Green Building and Estidama Consultancy to Get Expertise Advice

Consultant - A consultant is a person who provides expert and professional advice in various fields like business, science, corporate sector etc to an organization or an individual. Generally, there is no legal protection under this job so anyone can take it up and perform really well in this field. This field requires core knowledge of all fields and related jobs. It requires for the person to have good communication skill and an excellent convincing power.
What does a consultant do? 1) The first work of consultant is to provide expertise to the customer in the area which the customer lacks or the requirement which he is unable to fulfill. In return, he charges a fee. 2) Secondly, he works independently for the client. That is there is no conflict of interest between the client's issue and the services. 3) Thirdly, he operates in a confidential as well as professional manner which ranges from having right qualifications to ensuring delivery of high quality service.
Where does th…

Introduction of Green Buildings with their Concepts

Buildings of any types are the place where we are living in, and there are numerous types of structures in the world. The primary objective of this article is that to know about our building that we stay and loved to live in. Have you ever wondered about your building, like how it’s being made and what the impacts it made on our environment are? The other side of this is what the eco-friendly materials it uses to create a promising structureare? And how effective it is in our nature? About the building There is another type or method of building a house or structure. Here we have heard from many others; this is known as the green buildings. These are the buildings which are eco-friendly, and while building it, this doesn’t create any harm to our mother nature. The method of building with uses efficient designs, maintainable creation, and unconventional techniques with repairs components. These structures are supposed to have a less to no impact on our atmosphere and for those who will…

Make Your Palace Cleaner and Earth Greener with Your Best Waste Management Consultancy: GE3S

In the area of Green Building one of the most important factors to be dealt with is: waste. To support sustainable living you need to smartly implement waste management techniques. And to do it efficiently, you need help of an efficient Waste Management Consultant. To keep your place clean, beautiful and healthy one of the basic need is of taking care of your waste properly, from its creation, transportation to final disposal. Well you can leave all your worries as GE3S is here to help you out expertly. Be it home waste, organic waste, industrial waste or organic waste: the type of waste is not an issue with us, whatever category of waste it is that you want to take best assistance for its management for, GE3S is happy to help! We provide the services of Waste Management Consultancy for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste expertly, with the support of our team of experienced experts and energetic members. We have experience of working for companies of all industries and have taken…

Your Perfect Solar Consultancy Is Here At Ge3s.Org

Sun is the ultimate source of energy. In the matter of sustainable living and development, this ultimate renewable energy resource is the most important one. By harnessing the power of the solar energy properly, almost all of our energy needs can be fulfilled efficiently. To make efficient use of this energy you need expert support and a good Solar Consultancy. GE3S brings to you the proficiency in solar energy consultation across the globe. Having a strong team of solar energy experts, analyst and consultants and unrivaled insights into solar energy harnessing techniques and implementation policies, GE3S makes one of the best Solar Consultancy. We provide complete collection of services to you, starting from site assessment through to the successful completion of your project. Our team has been occupied in MW scale utility solar PV projects as well as smaller, decentralized roof-top, community level projects. We have also assisted and designed solar PV capacities for processes like …

Manage Your Waste Smartly With the Experts: GE3S

Waste management is one of the key aspects needed to be taken proper care of, when it comes to green building and sustainable living. You can keep a place clean and healthy only when you manage your waste smartly. Whether its home waste, industrial waste or organic waste: we take care of each type to help you in living and working in a better place, taking care of our nature. So if you are searching for your best Waste Management Consultant, then you can end your search at GE3S. We offer our customers the management of their hazardous and non-hazardous waste backed by the experience of our work in multiple facilities belonging to companies of all industries. We are known for our personalized and specialized way throughout the process of waste management. This coupled with the fact of management and treatment facilities allows us to run economically competitive services while maintaining a high standard of quality and safety. In the area of Environmental Consulting, we as Waste Manage…

Think Smarter and Build Greener With GE3S.Org

If you dream of a life where you can escape from all the pollution, where you breathe in clean air and feel being connected to nature, a place of yours which uses resources smartly and sustainably, then you can cheer up! To turn your beautiful dream into reality, the experts are here at your service: GE3S. We help you build your places greener; we are the Green building Consultancy, putting sustainability into practice. Well green building is a well-known concept of following practices and methods during construction and development of building keeping the sustainability into main focus. We research, do surveys and prepare customized solutions for your green building as your perfect Green Building Consultant. As your Green Building Consultingpartner, we do it all for you. From detailed gathering of your requirements, conducting product researches to surveys and cultivation of best solution for you, we assist you in every step till you get what you want and wished for. Check out our c…

Grow Greener with Best Expert Assistance for Your Business with GE3S

Whether you need assistance for engineering design of your industry in UAE or expert consultancy for your new solar project, GE3S is here to help you. We are green building consultancy provide various services including Engineering Design Consultancy and Solar Consultancy, transforming your business into more environment friendly and greener one. With our strong and team of field experts guiding you through every step, your business management don’t just get easier and faster but more efficient, nature friendly and economic as well. If you are expanding your industry, then there is complete set of engineering design services helping your business grow bigger and greener. Be it feasibility studies, front-end engineering design (FEED) or detailed engineering, as your Engineering Design Consultancy, we guide and assist you through each and every step. Engineering services especially for onshore and offshore oil and gas industries includes: Onshore Field DevelopmentOffshore Production Pla…

Turn Your Dream of Happy and Sustainable Living into Reality with

Wouldn’t it be great if you new home, your new business place is one which is nature-friendly, economical,  uses natural resources wisely in sustainable manner and takes care of you and nature simultaneously? Well to transform this dream of happy, sustainable and eco-friendly living, there exists a concept: Green Building. Green building is approach where task construction and development is carried in sustainable manner. Green building is today’s smart way of building. To achieve this, the important question is which techniques to follow, what research to? Ge3s is here to assist and guide you through the process of your green building from starting to completion of your green building. We are the Green building Consultancy which you are looking for. You can leave all your worries to us, our expert team will take care of it completely. Estidama is means “sustainability” in Arabic that is, living today while ensuring sustainability of healthy life of future species. It involves usage …

Do Your Green Building with Best Environmental Consultancy: Ge3s.Org

Need an Estidama Consultancy which can guide you through the complete process of green building? Which can give you advice you can trust?  Then you must check out at once, because it is the place where your search ends. We at GE3s provide consulting solution across the globe to help people, groups and organizations in making this world a better place by adopting sustainable development. With our experienced strong team, and U.S certified contractors we help you to achieve sustainable, comfortable and efficient living. You get your best advice here, we understand your needs, identify best options of products for your project
and let you choose your best product and services and we help you to achieve it with our expertise. We not just offer you advice, we go along you the whole way to help you adopt it best.  Estidama i.e. sustainability is our focus, we work to contribute in achievement of dream of sustainable future and happy present.

We provide many services to put sus…

Discover Your Perfect Environmental Consultant Here At

Are you going to start a new project, setting up new plant for it? Are you building your new home or business place? Then you surely would want to do it all with us because we are one of best Environmental Consultancy helping you do it all in a way which is environment friendly, sustainable and uses your resources in efficient manner enhancing your comfort, health and overall satisfaction and happiness. With us, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint and minimize your waste production. And the most amazing thing of being with us is, along with saving environment you save your money as well! We help you reduce your energy bills, and let you save a lot! You will feel the goodness of saving nature and joy of living in more comfortable, money-saving and efficient place. How we make your perfect Environment Consultant: We work for you: We are not linked with anyone in construction industry, we work only for you, focusing on assisting you in every step and giving you best advice. …

GE3S Helping Your Sustainable Development

Looking for your Green building Consultancy? is just the right place; we are amongst best Green building consultant or Estidama consultant providing you world class services and complete green building assistance. Sustainable development is needed to attain thoughtful use of resources so that we can also take care of our nature while it takes care of us. Your green building planned and designed with our consultancy will result in one which will use water, energy and your other resources efficiently, protecting your health and increasing your employee productivity while also taking complete care of  reduction of waste, pollution and overall environmental degradation. We will give you complete assistance for incorporating sustainability at every step. You will get complete cooperation from our design team, engineers and architects, at all stages of your project. So that, your Green Building will expand and improve economy, comfort, utility and durability. We provide vast v… The Green Building Consultant Company

It is the only global company that offers global solutions in materials and counseling for Green Building Consultancy. It's a comprehensive range of innovative, clean and efficient energy products used for the implementation of a new, dynamic building philosophy, support conservation and human health. The basis of the philosophy Green Building, which the company GE3S governing its activities, the guarantee of the use of environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality for the renovation or construction of buildings using techniques of sustainable development and in direct connection with the provision of health for residents. Indoor air quality, high levels of energy and environmental standards as well as healthy interiors in harmony with nature is essential conditions for a good mood in our homes. GE3S Company focuses mainly on integrating the various aspects of everyday life Green Building man to ever higher levels of environmental awareness and the growing environment…

Environmental Monitoring

Get your building designed to include property options which is able to cut back your power consumption, water consumption and improve the quality of your built setting. Redesign your existing building and significantly bring down your utility price.

Our services are-


Green Building style is a multidisciplinary practice specialising within the delivery of property,innovative, and practical building services and style solutions. We have huge expertise within the environmental services sector and that we give an expert and tailored service to our shoppers. we have give Environmental Engineering Services,Estidama Consultancy,Environmental practice and Waste Management Consultancy.Our team of expert co…

We Provide Professional Assistance in Processing The Waste Management Consultancy Plan

The use of our high quality products is just one of the ways to improve the quality of selling flowers and reduce overhead costs. Company slightly floral waste management programs that guide our Waste Management Consultant. Together we can reduce waste by a few percent, and for you. practical assistance in the optimal care of cut flowers and a reduction of waste the most effective way.
We provide expert advice in the field of waste management and waste management. We provide professional assistance in processing the Waste Management Consultancyplan and a request for approval to operate the facility for waste management. We represent our clients in negotiations with government authorities and other bodies.
Consulting services related to the obligations of customers of our company, under valid legislation, Waste Management Consultant. This is mainly on the development of record sheets for the transportation of hazardous waste, providing analyzes of waste, keeping cont…

Solar Consultancy in the Field of GE3S Energy

Solar Consultancy in the field of GE3S Energy
We provide consultancy in the field of workers of our company follow current events and emerging trends in GE3S  energy, particularly in the area of power generation and solar water heating. Thanks to years of experience, knowledge and application of modern techniques and technologies we are able to propose optimal solutions tailored or advise in the event of faults and problems.
We will help you with the selection of photovoltaic panels, solar inverters, battery Island inverters, batteries for grid systems, charge controllers, circuit breakers, measuring and monitoring elements, photovoltaic water heating, water heating or fototermického entire photovoltaic and photovoltaic island systems.
Consultancy in Environmental Engineering Services
Do you need advice on a myriad of components, manufacturers, solutions and practices? We will help you with the design of optimal solutions wiring, installation with the choice, control, sig…

Ge3s.Org Offers Consulting Services in The Environmental, Occupational Health And Energy is a recycling company in the forefront. We can provide both consulting services from the subsidiary Environmental Consultancyand consulting services from its own operations in areas such as hazardous waste. Our experienced environmental consultants, energy consultants, experts on hazardous waste and safety advisor can help you with everything from legislation to energy production. Contact us if you need help - we know all about waste and mostly about the environment and energy. offers consulting services in the environmental, occupational health and energy. The company primarily offers services and products that support the work of environmental, quality and safety while encouraging business development for your organization. It can be about operational systems, legislation, internal audit, environmental risk analysis, risk management or security. In the field of energy and process technology offers Environmental Consultantservices for the energy …
Flow lines, the Test lines, the Manifolds and the Metering Systems, Reinjection and the Dosing systems, the Enhanced oil recovery systems. GlobalEnergy Services of the GE3S Our company excels in providing globalenergy services through its amazing Global Energy Solutions that can in reality help the clients to meet the renewable energy goals by using cost-effective, collaborative approaches. And, GE3S has been uniquely positioned for addressing the rising demands for a secure, extremely environmentally sustainable, along with affordable global energy solutions and need for a worldwide energy conservation through its globalenergy services
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GE3S aspires to be the global employee-owned company that provides global energy services as well as consulting, designing and project managing services in fields of energy and environment spheres. GE3S brings f…