Choose Green Building and Estidama Consultancy to Get Expertise Advice

Consultant - A consultant is a person who provides expert and professional advice in various fields like business, science, corporate sector etc to an organization or an individual. Generally, there is no legal protection under this job so anyone can take it up and perform really well in this field. This field requires core knowledge of all fields and related jobs. It requires for the person to have good communication skill and an excellent convincing power.

What does a consultant do?
1) The first work of consultant is to provide expertise to the customer in the area which the customer lacks or the requirement which he is unable to fulfill. In return, he charges a fee.
2) Secondly, he works independently for the client. That is there is no conflict of interest between the client's issue and the services.
3) Thirdly, he operates in a confidential as well as professional manner which ranges from having right qualifications to ensuring delivery of high quality service.

Where does the consultant work?
The consultant works in a consultancy firm or operates as an independent consultant or they can even work in a company as personal consultant of that country.
What is consultancy?
Consultancy is work done by the consultant. It is a professional practice which gives expert advice for various fields.
When we talk about best in the field, then Green Building and Estidama Consultancy will top the list.
Green Building Consultancy - It is basically a consultancy which provides expertise and ideas for environmentally sustainable buildings, custom design and building science. There are lot of buildings present all around us which have the potential to save energy. Green building consultancy offers various services in order to make these building eco-friendly as well as sustainable. That is it helps in greening of these buildings. They do it by looking at the area of and around the building and accordingly provide the solution.
Estidama consultancy - Estidama is a framework of consultancy which is established by UPC Abu Dhabi. Its work is to direct construction of environment - friendly buildings all around the Emirate. They work on 4 pillars namely - environment, social, economic and culture. It utilizes the state-of-art of sustainability modeling as well as project management technology.
Features of these consultancies which make them to stand out -
1) They are working in favor of environment which will be beneficial for upcoming generation as well.
2) They provide solutions on dilemma according to the view objective of the customer.
3) They are cheap as compared to other consultancy firms.
4) They have trusted advisers who are professionals from different fields especially environmental studies.
5) All in all they are passionate about their work of saving the environment and doing bit.
Thus, if you are looking for some good advice in related field, then your search will definitely end as these two consultancies will provide you with best expertise for your problems.
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