GE3S: Development with sustainability

The might of infrastructure engineering knows no bound in the present day and age. No feat is too big in the current scenario that cannot be achieved. And with an ever-growing population, the demands for a bigger, better urban spaces keep on increasing at a rate that has never been heard of before.
But is that all we require to survive; a planet confined by the walls of concrete? 

The term development should not only be confined to simply achieving what has never been done before but rather incorporate an approach towards sustainability in every step that we take. It doesn’t take an economist to understand that the resources we have are limited and if not used judicially, we might not even have enough fuel to keep the juggernaut of urbanisation even in motion anymore.
Hence for a cleaner, greener and better tomorrow, the need of the hour are sustainable infrastructure and energy solutions, and that is one of the many areas GE3S is working in.

GE3S is an advisory and consultancy organisation that helps its clients with their construction obstacles related to environment protection, sustainability and use of resources.
Just like their name, GE3S provide the companies with two major ‘E consultancies’; engineering and environmental. Working for both development and Environmentconservation can be a pretty tough task to do, but GE3S does it with the utmost precision and sincerity.
The building sector is ever growing and in today’s world, there’s no denying that it is being carried out in almost all the corners of the world. Due to its wide stretch, they have the most potential in saving up energy, water and our resources. Thus, GE3S provides Green Building Consultancy to their clients for this purpose.
Estidama means ‘sustainability in Arabic and GE3S works in that field as well. It helps its clients to achieve the most sustainable way of construction, causing the least harm to the environment. They call it Estidama Consultancy.

In Sustainablityconsultancy, GE3S provides its customers with the tools and expertise they need to actively manage their social and environmental impacts. It is solely done to avoid any misuse of resources and maintain their sustainability.
While constructing a structure, you need to go through a serious of assessments and monitoring the impact of your construction on the environment. Thus, EnvironmentalConsultancy is an extremely essential advisory that all companies go through before starting a project, and GE3S offers this service to its clients with full accuracy.
ISO 5001 is a specification created by the International Organization for Standardization. They have created a set of standards and criteria that an organization has to follow while construction, limiting their energy use, saving up as many resources as they can and so on. Thus, GE3S helps the companies with this essential step of construction as well.
GE3S is working for both sides; development and environment protection. How many companies can you think of that does that?

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