Think Smarter and Build Greener With GE3S.Org

If you dream of a life where you can escape from all the pollution, where you breathe in clean air and feel being connected to nature, a place of yours which uses resources smartly and sustainably, then you can cheer up! To turn your beautiful dream into reality, the experts are here at your service: GE3S. We help you build your places greener; we are the Green building Consultancy, putting sustainability into practice. Well green building is a well-known concept of following practices and methods during construction and development of building keeping the sustainability into main focus. We research, do surveys and prepare customized solutions for your green building as your perfect Green Building Consultant.
As your Green Building Consulting partner, we do it all for you. From detailed gathering of your requirements, conducting product researches to surveys and cultivation of best solution for you, we assist you in every step till you get what you want and wished for. Check out our complete set of services:
  • Solar Consultancy
  • Waste Management consultancy
  • Green Building Consultancy
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Health and Safety Consultancy
  • Energy Design Consultancy
  • Energy Auditing Services
There is a lot more.
There is so much to get when you opt for green building living. First of all there is environmental benefit. When you live in green building, with our smart resource usage and recycling systems you considerably reduce pressure on natural resources. Secondly, there is economic benefit. When our sustainability practices are well-and-early incorporated into your design, you get reduced maintenance and replacement cost as a result. And thirdly, there is social benefit. With improved light and fresher air, your environment automatically upgrades, improving overall productivity of your employees and happier home mood.
So think smarter, build greener with GE3S. Reach us at:


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