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Green Building Consultancy
Looking for your Green building Consultancy? is just the right place; we are amongst best Green building consultant or Estidama consultant providing you world class services and complete green building assistance. Sustainable development is needed to attain thoughtful use of resources so that we can also take care of our nature while it takes care of us. Your green building planned and designed with our consultancy will result in one which will use water, energy and your other resources efficiently, protecting your health and increasing your employee productivity while also taking complete care of  reduction of waste, pollution and overall environmental degradation. We will give you complete assistance for incorporating sustainability at every step. You will get complete cooperation from our design team, engineers and architects, at all stages of your project. So that, your Green Building will expand and improve economy, comfort, utility and durability.
We provide vast versatility in services, so that you can choose one that suits you best according to your requirement. We provide:
  • Energy auditing services
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Waste management consultancy
  • Solar consultancy
  • Green building consultancy
  • Third party commissioning services
  • Energy design consultancy
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Health and safety consultancy
  • Management consultancy
Our Estidama Consultancy gives you complete assistance and help through our services so that you can implement effective Estidama (“sustainability” in Arabic), the design methodology for greater environmental sustainability. We work to ensure that a healthy human system and unharmed nature can continue to live and grow in Abu Dhabi for a large number of upcoming future generations. We give you a great Green building consulting team so that your sustainably-designed building has low operation cost along with giving you outstanding energy performance. In addition, you will find yourself more satisfied your eco-friendly building.
This will Give you number of environmental, economic and social benefits:
  • Environmental:  Your building built on our sustainable design model will place very low bad impact on the environment. You will attain this through our design which includes the smart and prudent use of resources and by our systems for recycling and use of renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar energy.
  • Economic: Our sustainability principles when incorporated early within your design, will give you improved life cycle costs because of reduced maintenance and replacement cost. You will get extra cost savings through the use of our recycling systems and renewable energy sources.
  • Social:  You will get improved air quality and natural light that will help you in boosting employee morale and your overall productivity.
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