GE3S: Assisting you in identifying and managing environmental impacts of your projects.

GE3S is an environment and sustainability consultancy that has been providing services to integrate sustainability into the strategy and operation of our clients. Our services are focussed on the three pillars of sustainability – Environment, Economy and Society. One of the key services that we provide to help our clients identify and manage the environmental effects of their operations and upcoming projects is EnvironmentalImpact Assessment (EIA). EIA allows the likely significant environmental effects of a project to be identified and to be avoided, remediated or minimised at an early stage. It provides basis for better decision making for the project promoter and government authorities issuing consents for projects.

For real estate and infrastructure developers, the EIA process draws attention to the potential environmental effects of the proposal during the conceptualisation phase. Based on the effects alternatives are examined or remedial measures incorporated in the design phase. By making the information on the likely significant effects available, EIA can help allay fears created by a lack of information.

Other than EIA services we provide several other environmental services for e.g. green building certification, environmentmanagement plan, waste system designing and waste reduction plans etc. To know more about the environmentalservices we offer please visit our website ( or reach out to us through the contact page. We would love to hear from you.

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