Environmental Engineering Planning and Assessment Services of the GE3S

GE3S helps the clients to navigate through a maze of truly complex regulatory challenges on providing an environmental impact in detail, in assessments which quickly identifies, refines some alternative solutions. Our company, the GE3S has been one of the top names in providing environmental risk assessments which are rigorous in nature, ecological assessments, environmental monitoring, remedial investigation as well as feasibility studies for identifying and evaluating options and also validating the mitigation strategies. We've the proven track records in partnering with the clients for creating and maintaining a healthy and cooperative working environment with the regulators for ensuring the ongoing compliances and facilitating waste management, pollution controls and closures that are cost-effective. GE3S helps in the creation and also in shaping the sustainable communities with the urban designing assessments and quality research, with stakeholder engagement plans, the exclusive growth management strategies, expert supervised plan reviews, policy developments, identifications of infrastructural needs and investments and of course, the land use responses.

Environmental Engineering Services by the GE3S:

GE3S manages to successfully recognize all the challenges of maintaining the environmental engineering services and the designing resources. Therefore, our company has been complimenting and also supporting the customers whenever and wherever the resources have been challenged, permitting the operation budgets and having them well maintained, at the same time increasing levels of backup and support. Our company with respect to environmental engineering services has been providing qualification and validation, utilities consultancy, installation management and commissioning engineers.

This firm has been recognized globally as a dynamic leader when it comes to delivering Sustainability Advisory, Environmental Planning and Design and ProjectManagement Services. We have been focusing on the efforts for enhancing the reliability through the quality delivery and the consistent timelines. The managers, the engineers, the consultants and the managers have always been committed in delivering a top notch service, ensuring that the clients are compliant with legislations. Our aim is to help resolve the clients’ Energy, Environmental and Occupational Hygiene alongside addressing the safety issues by utilizing the wide experiences and expertise. The engineering design consultancy department provides a comprehensive engineering service specifically for the industries in UAE for catering to the expansion plans. We have years of experience in providing the following services to assist the clients

The sub services the GE3S team provides are: Feasibility studies (Concepts), Front-End Engineering Design (or FEED), Detailed Engineering.
The GE3S comprehensive engineering services specifically for the onshore and the offshore Oil and Gas Industries include: Onshore Field Developments, Offshore Production Platform, Floating Production System, Separation system (gas-oil-water separation, desanding and desalting), Oil-Gas and Water Treatment Systems, Oil and Gas transportation pipelines and systems, the crude storage tanks and the storage facilities, the Condensate Fractionation Units and the Refineries, the Gathering systems e.g. The 


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