Aim To Provide the Best Engineering Consultancy on a Global Scale

GE3S is a consultancy service of international nature. It tends to provide a consulting solution in environment and engineering domain especially. Our company mainly focuses on the Gulf region and we mainly hire professional and experienced individuals. Our firm is internationally recognized in the form of a dynamic leader in our various sections. We are basically focusing on the efforts to improve our trust with the kind of quality of the products that we tend to deliver. Each and every member is supervised to deliver the extreme quality product ensuring to build the trust of the client that we interact with. The main aim of GE3S is to be employee owned and to get a global recognition. We aim a complete commitment to our service and promise to provide technical excellence. Our company’s aim is to lead the foundation on which the society is based. We always strive hard to get a global recognition and to be the finest and an excellent consultancy firm not only locally but also on a much bigger global scale.

Focusing on the Engineering Division:

In our Engineering Design Consultancy section, we tend to give a detailed engineering service for our partners in UAE to make use to their expansion plans. We promise to provide a service which is related to engineering such as repairing, designing, supervision, execution of operations, maintaining services, services related to technology and providing recommendations to other firms and industries.              

The Features of this Division:

The section of Green Building Consultancy provides a feasible study that is the study of the concept, detailed engineering of the section, also the services related to onshore and other offshore industries such as oil and gas industries. These services are related to field development onshore, platform production of onshore activities, activities related to desalting and also that of section storage facilities.

The Definition of the Concept:

Environmental Monitoring is a process of evaluation and analysis of project that has been proposed to see its technical feasibility. It also cost benefit concept. We basically deal with a concept of front end engineering design, which is the basic engineering that comes after the feasibility study. We focus on the technical requirements of the team as well as the estimated cost required for the study. They are usually divided into several separate portions, covering the different requirements of every department. A good consultancy like Global Energy Services
 reflects the basic requirements in different projects and often tends to avoid the simplest changes in the execution phase.

The Concept of Detailed Engineering:

This is a study of the full definition of every aspect of a project development. It involves each and every studies consult before the start of a project construction. This is regarded as the main component required in every developmental project be it mining or the infrastructure or the section related to the oil and gas. Environmental Consultancy basically focuses on the study that is delivered by certain globally recognized companies such as Hatch or Outotec. This section usually follows the front end section of engineering and the basic engineering section for the development of any project. We are required to draw and provide a complete picture of the construction site, instrumentation, the impact on the environment, the amount of electricity required the economic evaluation of the project before the beginning of any construction activity.


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