Environmental assessments and expertise that GE3S brings in.

GE3S is one of the leading firms in environmental consultancy and a leader in sustainable development, as they perform their services in the Middle East and India. GE3S is considered one of the top environmental consultancy in environmental consultancy service areas, GE3S holds accreditation from Dubai Municipality, Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) and other regulatory authorities. We are also a leading training services provider especially for Leed green associate.
GE3S environmental consultants high profile organizations and provide them Services in the following sectors of environmental consulting. Preliminary Environmental Review (PER), Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Operation Environment Management Plan (OEMP), CEMP / Environmental Audit Report, Preliminary Cultural Review (PCR), Environmental System Modeling, Environmental Risk Management, Wastewater Treatment Services.  Our team consists of LEED green associate professionals as well.
In GE3S, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is one of the important aspects of any project work and environmental consultants as it conducts the phase of the project towards the environment and its impacts (positive or negative) towards the environment and socio-economics of the nearby receptors of the project. The EIA is directly related to the Environmental impacts which are air, water, soil, and noise any construction, demolition, industrial. Our EIA team also includes members who have passed LEED Green Associate certification.

In order to regulate the prepared project-specific conditions of EIA or CEMP, environmental Auditing is the key, as GE3S environmental consultants visit the project site on a regular basis for monthly or quarterly environmental audit, and to determine the deviation of the project activities from the previously CEMP and OEMP any deviation observed is reported and is asked to be mitigated as soon as possible as described in CEMP and OEMP. Involvement of our LEED green associate professionals in CEMP and OEMP preparation provides us an edge over others.
Environmental pollutants Modeling is another and very important aspect of environmental transport of pollutants, environmental modeling improves In the prediction of long range and short range transportation of the pollutants in the air, water, groundwater, soil, etc. industrial emissions and in future predictions of the pollutants are global concerns. As they will be generated by the industry, the modeling helps to conduct ways to prevent the emission of the industry and to take necessary steps to preserve the environment from the upcoming threats to the environment. Therefore; GE3S helps projects to predict their upcoming emissions in air and water, along with dispersion modeling. We also help projects include green strategies through our LEED green associate professionals.
GE3S is one of the highly recommended environmental consultants the high standards of work ethics, as they managed to conduct any above discussed. GE3S team is responsible for protecting and executing the client requirements and that’s what makes it one of the successful consultant agencies.


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