As LEED consultant, GE3S provides services to identify and integrate feasible sustainable design solutions into projects to optimize overall energy and environmental performance. We, at GE3S, offer breadth and depth of expertise and experience, the ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders and project team members, and energy and daylighting analysis capabilities. We promote an integrated sustainable design process beginning with a sustainable design charrette. By bringing all stakeholders and team members into the planning and design process early, we are able to make sure the effective integration of sustainable design principles and strategies into all aspects of the project. We also have a training wing called GE3S Academy wherein we provide training on LEED Green Associate exam preparation. Our LEED Green Associate Training program is a weekend course spanning through 2-3 weekends.

We provide a wide range sustainable building services including LEED consultancy to carry a project from pre-design, design, commissioning, LEED certification documentation, and measurement and verification of energy savings. We are able to customize our scope of work to fit the project needs and offer cost-saving measures by keeping multiple scopes and modules under one roof.
The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED green building certification program is the well-known program for the construction, design, maintenance, and operations of high-performance green buildings. With extensive experience as LEED consultant, we bring more to the table than just our knowledge of LEED credits. We put the extra effort in the projects to ensure you get a high-performance building while achieving the LEED certification. The USGBC also provides LEED professional credentials such as LEED Green Associate and LEED AP.
Our sustainability group has collaborated on many LEED certified projects all over UAE. We have in-house professionals who offer a full range of LEED services which includes LEED certification process, design charrettes and consulting, energy modeling and analysis, daylighting modeling and analysis, commissioning, and measurement and verification. Keeping multiple LEED-related scopes of work under one roof helps to offer our customers achieve higher efficiencies through clear communication and less time requirement for coordination between consultants and stakeholders. In our team we also have USGBC approved LEED faculty who provide training for LEED Green Associate and LEED AP exam preparation.
GE3S identifies and integrates feasible sustainable design strategies into new construction and existing buildings depending on the project. We advise and work with building owners, design teams, and other stakeholders at each step of the process from pre-design through construction, and we also prepare and submit online requirements of LEED documentation to obtain LEED certification for the project. As a LEED consultant, we offer sustainable LEED charrettes at the beginning of a project. These charrettes are a collective process for design professionals, building owners, managers, and other stakeholders to establish project goals for sustainable design and energy efficiency, and also provide a preliminary assessment of the project using the LEED certification system. By engaging our clients from an early stage in the design process, we are able to provide sustainable design guidance to project teams for optimizing energy and environmental performance. In our team, we have LEED Green Associate and LEED AP qualified professionals to tend to all green building needs of our client.


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